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High School Math Resources for Students & Teachers

Teaching and learning high school math can be difficult for some people. However, there are many resources available on the Internet to help teachers and students in various mathematical topics. High school math covers such topics like algebra, calculus, probability, statistics, trigonometry, and others. Here’s a comprehensive resource center for high school math students and teachers.

Resources for Students

1. General Mathematics

  • Create a Graph: Online tool to help students create various types of graphs like bar graphs, line graphs, area graphs, and more.
  • Scientific Calculator: Use this online calculator to work with complex math problems.
  • Math2: Offers homework help for various high school math topics.
  • Graph Paper: Select from printable plain graph paper, two grids per page, one large grid, three grids per page, and more.

2. Algebra

  • Ask Dr. Math: Come here to find math helpers for various algebra topics.
  • Algebra Review: Offers 10 comprehensive tutorials on radicals and exponents, solving equations and inequalities, functions and first degree curves, and more.
  • Intermediate Algebra: Provides tutorials on algebraic expressions, sets of numbers, linear inequalities, graphing equations, and more.
  • Ms. Lindquist: This program has helped thousands of high school students in algebra word problems.

3. Calculus

  • Calculus: Excellent resource center for high school calculus students.
  • Calculus & Analytic Geometry: Offers demonstrations on Archimedes’ Approximation of Pi, Taylor Polynomials, Tangent to a Curve, and more.
  • The Calculus Page: Great resource page for calculus students with “How to Ace Calculus,” Calculus Applets, and more.
  • Graphics: Offers a series of graphics on various calculus topics like differentials and differences, secants and tangents, and more.

4. Probability

  • Statistics/Probability: Provides “Introduction to Probability”, “Case Studies”, “Exploring Data”, and more.
  • Probability by Surprise: Offers Applets on experimenting paradoxes and visualizing probabilities.
  • Probability Notebook: High school students will find help on discrete probability distributions and continuous distributions here.
  • The Cliff-Hanger: Play this fun game to understand more about probability.

5. Statistics

  • Statistics By the Numbers: An excellent tutorial on the basics of statistics.
  • Introductory Notes: Provides tutorials such as “Understanding Data”, “Understanding Relationships”, “Generating Data”, and more.
  • Statistics & Probability: Here’s a good place for high school students to find out what they need to know about statistics and probability.
  • Questions: A series of statistics problems for high school students.

6. Trigonometry

  • Basic Trigonometry: Covers such topics like radian, arc, trig functions, trig ratios, trig identities, and more.
  • Common Mistakes: Reveals some of the common trigonometry mistakes made by high school students.
  • Trigonometry: Here’s a great place to learn the basics of trigonometry.
  • Introduction: Provides tutorials on trigonometric circle and angles, related values, sine rule, special values, solving triangles, and more.

7. Geometry

  • Interactive Geometry: Provides links to various sites with interactive geometry like WebPisces, Build a Rainbow, Projective Conics, and more.
  • Exam Prep Center: A great collection of trigonometry problems on geometric relationships, construction, locus, and more.
  • Conjectures: Excellent lesson on conjectures in geometry.
  • Geometry Online: High school students would be delighted with these simple lessons like “History of Geometry”, “Hidden Irrationals”, “Hidden Polygons”, and more.

Resources for Teachers

  • NCTM: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics with information on membership, conferences, professional developments, lessons, and resources for math teachers.
  • High School Algebra: A series of great lesson plans for teachers of high school algebra.
  • Algebra Lesson: Provides a comprehensive high school algebra lesson plan.
  • Calculus Problems: A number of problems dealing with differential calculus and integral calculus, and multi-variable calculus. 
  • Calculus Resources: High school teachers can find many useful resources on this page.
  • Probability Experiments: Offers a number of probability experiments suitable for high school students.
  • Tennis: Shows how teachers can use tennis to teach mathematics and statistics.
  • Preparation: The PDF seeks to prepare high school teachers to teach statistics.
  • Trigonometric Functions: High school math teachers can try this new way to teach trigonometric functions.
  • Trigonometry Worksheets: Provides a series of trigonometry worksheets on many topics.
  • Geometry Junkyard: A lot of lesson plans and teaching materials for teachers of high school students.
  • Fractal Geometry: Offers a great explanation of fractal geometry for high school teachers.