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We have trained academic professionals on hand to help you with any questions while completing our online course program. If you'd like to speak with an educational counselor in order to learn more about our program, then click the following link: Contact Form
Graduate Testimonials
I just received my graduation package and it was shipped so fast! I love my new diploma and look forward to showing all my friends and family!
Monica - Houston, Texas
Thank you Columbia Northern High School for your online program. I just completed the course and am waiting for my graduation package. I feel like I made a huge accomplishment!
Jeremy - Chicago
I was so amazed on Columbia Northern High School's online program. It really helps! Now I have a job and starting to build a better future. Thanks you so much Columbia Northern High School!
Jeff - Seattle
Your website and high school diploma course have been so encouraging! I just received my diploma and have already mounted it on the wall! Thanks Columbia Northern High School!
Randy - Washington
Fast High School Diploma Online Program
Columbia Northern High School offers a free online high school diploma course that will enable you as the student to earn your online high school diploma quickly. In order to succeed in today's highly qualified workplace, it has never been more important to have a high school diploma. While traditional high school certification is ideal, it is not always realistic due to the busy lives and schedules of many young people. You can achieve an authentic high school diploma online at home fast. >> Get Started For Free

About The High School Diploma Online Course
After you complete our free enrollment, you will have the option to take various stages and subjects of the exam. The test is divided into three sections; four main subjects, essay work project and life experience. Each essay will be reviewed by one of our counselors to ensure it is genuine and meets the course requirements. When a section of the test is complete, submit the answers to our test wizard which determines your percentage of correct answers. You must achieve a 70% or better in each section to continue. Once the test is complete, you can then order your diploma package.

Improve Your Income And Importance
Statistically, it has been proven that individuals who finish their secondary education make from $250,000-$500,000+ more in their lifetimes than those who don't. By having a high school diploma, one can be eligible for higher qualified employment opportunities that include bigger pay and better benefits. Our online high school diploma program has been designed for individuals who need to earn a real high school diploma online for a potential job, promotion, certification proof, Military recruitment, etc.

Flexible Tuition Payment Options
Our online high school provides a variety of payment options and choices for graduate students. These tuition options are for any student who needs assistance in order to purchase their high school diploma online graduation parcel. In order to be eligible to receive our tuition payment options, you must first complete the high school diploma online alternative test course. When all sections of the online test are complete, the program will notify you that you are now eligible to order your high school diploma and use our multiple payment options. Learn More

Graduate Diploma Package Info
When a student passes the online practice test, they will have the option to order the Graduation Parcel which includes the authentic high school diploma. Our high school diplomas are original and individually printed, made on high quality paper and not copied. Included also will be the student's transcripts which detail the scores of each test section. Each graduation package receives our free verification services for the lifetime of the student. This enables an employer, or person approved by the student, to contact our online high school and confirm with a counselor the student has successfully passed our high school diploma course. Learn More

More About Our Online High School Diploma Program

There are quite a few factors which make our online high school diploma course innovative and exciting. One, our students need not worry themselves with a set schedule to adhere to our requirements. Our system has been tailored to mesh with any type of schedule our students may have. Very busy and working students can choose a level of progression that is realistic for them. Others may dedicate an immediate portion of their time and rapidly receive their graduation package. The great news is there are no penalties or time requirements in order to complete our program - set your own pace!

Another exciting and defining component of our integration is that our students only need a computer or computer access with Internet connection to succeed. The simple step-by-step features and set up process encourage our students throughout their high school diploma online test experience and to the end of their term. Now, with control of their schedule and in the peace and comfort of their homes, they can quickly achieve the position they desire by passing our exam.

Proactively Accelerate Your Success

Fast GED Online Prep CourseRecent studies show that an overwhelming percentage of individuals with home computers use them for recreation or surfing the Internet almost entirely. In fact, statistical data shows that most individuals with a computer at home or work spend at least 5-10 hours a week surfing websites, shopping online or browsing search engines.

We've designed our free high school alternative exams to be a positive achievement our students can undertake instead of spending fruitless hours on the Internet and taking nothing away from their experience. Now our new students can enroll, take our free practice test entirely free and use the otherwise wasted time to build their professional agenda by passing our program and receiving their high school diploma online package.

Many of our students write to us after receiving their high school diplomas and tell us how easy, fast and even fun their experience was while a part of our online school. We hear often from our students that attending traditional classroom teaching was difficult because many had to work on their own, had transportation issues or other hard circumstances affecting even just reaching campus. Our high school diploma program is the right choice if you're looking for a fast solution to improving your academic portfolio. Our program is the right choice to make on line.

Free Lifetime Verification Services For Every Graduate

Free High School Diploma Online VerificationOur professional academic counselors are available and ready to assist any of our students throughout their term with us. We've constructed our team of instructors to be educated in our online high school courses so they can assist our students on their road to success. Feel free to phone or email us, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Our school has helped thousands of individuals in the last years to reach new academic levels of achievement. Remember, our graduated students receive lifetime verification to prove that they passed and received their graduation certification. This type of service ensures each and every one of our graduates gets the proper recognition and support that they earned and deserve. So don't wait, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain! Make a difference in your life today and start your free high school enrollment application!