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We have trained academic professionals on hand to help you with any questions while completing our online course program. If you'd like to speak with an educational counselor in order to learn more about our program, then click the following link: Contact Form

Enroll In Our Free Online High School Diploma Program

Columbia Northern High School provides a free online course that can be taken at your own pace to earn a high school diploma online. Our high school program requires no fee to enroll and take the online test. If you are looking to take an online high school diploma program that is fast, our course is the right choice for you. Most of our students are able to complete the set of tests in one sitting and receive their high school diploma parcel just a few days after ordering it. Should you have questions while taking the online high school diploma program, our staff of administrators are easily able to be reached to clarify your questions so you can continue your studies online.

Our free high school diploma online course is designed for students who lead an active lifestyle and do not have the luxury needed to complete traditional schooling. Our program was specifically created for students who need to earn a high school diploma quickly in order to meet the requirements needed for a job, trade school or higher education studies. This high school diploma program encompasses the major testing subjects that are focused on in traditional schooling. Attaining your high school diploma online can be one of the best decisions you make, as it can impact your career and financial position greatly.

We encourage you to enroll in our free online high school course and take the test at a pace that works with your schedule. Certain subjects that are tested on in our program require more time than others so be prepared to invest enough time in the course where your scores will benefit your outcome. In order to successfully complete a section, you will need to score a 70% or higher in the subject. Once complete with a section, our high school program will automatically tally up your scores and display the percentage you answered correctly. Throughout the high school diploma online test, you are free at any time to log out and when ready, log in with your email address and password.

There are a number of aspects that enable you to earn a high school diploma online in new ways that previously were not a reality. Since the late 1990's, online high school has grown into an incredible solution for students and individuals who wouldn't typically be able to finish schooling. Now mothers who stay at home can earn a high school diploma online while they tend to their children. Teens and working adults can also take an online high school diploma course and still be able to keep their job while improving their education. The internet has enabled online high school to flourish and be much more practical in today's busy requirements of life.

When a student has completed our high school diploma program, they will have the opportunity to order their high school graduation parcel. This parcel contains their authentic high school diploma, high school transcripts, fax-quality transcripts and our free ongoing verification. Our high school graduation parcels come with a variety of shipping options based on how soon the graduate would like to receive it. Our high school diploma online course and graduation parcels are guaranteed to meet the satisfaction of our students and graduates. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our staff who will eagerly assist your needs.

If you have happened upon our high school website through GED online searches, please understand that you cannot earn a GED online no matter what any website suggests. You can earn your high school diploma online which is also accepted by most employers. Should your potential employer require a verification of your high school diploma, our full-time counselors are standing by to offer free verification proof of your graduation credentials including grade scores and sealed transcripts that can be mailed directly to the requested location. Earn your high school diploma quickly and entirely online with our free program! If you wish to enroll in the free online high school program, please click here to

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