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Welcome To Our GED Online Tips Page

Our school has identified a selection of keyword phrases that are commonly searched on the major search engines. In an effort to help individuals avoid confusion, our staff of counselors have given a defenition as to if these certain "GED Online" objectives have truth or are a false assumption. Each explanation will detail the correct meaning of the phrase and what is implied or assumed.

GED Online Classes: (YES) There are GED classes that be taken online to prepare for the actual GED test. These GED online classes will never offer a GED that can be completed online though. Be wary of any website that offers a GED that can be awarded from their site. The only way to receive a GED is by taking the test at a local facility that is delegated for the testing sponsorship. You should not be surprised if certain websites will want to charge you in order to sign up and take the GED online classes.

GED Online Program: (YES & NO) This keyword phrase can imply that one can receive a GED online through a program they take. If you have searched in this way, please be aware that there is no official, accredited program online to take the GED. You can however, enroll in GED online programs that will help prep your ability to comprehend and complete the official GED test. If you have searched in this way, you should be advised that there will be a mix of websites with some offering each of the two options stated above. Choose wisely.

GED Online Practice: (YES) There are many websites that provide either free GED online practice test courses or charge a small subscription fee to enroll and take their prepratory course. An individual can also enroll in free high school diploma test courses to prepare for the GED. Be careful though. Some websites will confuse an individual into completing a survey or giving away their personal information to be spammed! If you're looking for a free GED online practice test, there are only a few websites online that offer them and currently a couple of those are very outdated.

GED Online Test: (NO) As stated throughout this page, there is no GED online test that can be taken from a computer to receive an official GED. If one is looking for a fast GED online practice test, yes there are a few as mentioned above that can be taken to improve expectations and simulate how the real test will feel. The best way to prepare for the GED test is not online. This is because you will not be in front of a computer when you take the test. You will be at a desk and completing the test with pencil and multiple choice answers for the majority of it. Consider our GED study guide kit which includes all necessary GED prep items to help you pass the GED quickly.

Get Your GED Online: (NO) This is a very common phrase that misleads many students. You cannot get your GED online. ACE, who provides the 33+ variations of the GED test, only allows the GED to be completed in a local facility in each major city. Some of the reasons ACE will not allow the GED to be available online are that it would be very easy to cheat, difficult to verify if the person completing the test is the personal who should be taking the test and no facilitation by a knowledgeable staff. Some pro-GED online advocates would like the GED to be available online with video monitoring to ensure cheating isn't an option. This is doubtful to pass any time soon.

Accredited GED Online: (NO) You cannot get an accredited GED online. Some individuals may confuse this phrase with getting an accredited high school diploma online. This you can receive and takes anywhere from 4-36 months depending on how many credits an individual already has before starting the program. An accredited GED online will not be an option any time soon. If one is considering an accredited GED online, they should choose to study for the official GED, as this test is much quicker than taking classes for 4-36 months. With proper studying, they can have a GED in weeks or less.

Take GED Online: (NO) There are no courses to take the GED online. This phrase may imply that one is looking to take a GED practice test online. These you can take while the majority do require a small fee to have membership for a designated period of time. When you take GED Online practice tests, consider ordering practice tests that you can complete with pencil and paper too. Purchase a timer clock if you don't have one so that you can prepare as if you're taking the test. This is so you can have better expectations and remove some of the pre-test jitters before the real thing.

Free GED Online: (NO & YES) There are no tests that award a free GED. This is a surprising keyword phrase where not only is there no GED online, there is no free GED online. Some individuals may be looking for free GED online information, tips, help or resources. All of which are available online. The internet provides a wealth of helpful, free GED online resources to prepare an individual and set the right expections for the GED.

Earn GED Online: (NO) Some may assume that they can earn credits or an actual GED online through a course that is provided by an accredited online school. You can't earn a GED online at this time due to a number of reasons that relate to the ethics of some of the core fundamentals of the GED. The GED can only be taken in person and a student is required to schedule the testing date and pay a fee in order to take the GED test. Although you can't earn a GED online, you can earn a high school diploma online through our program.

GED Online Spanish: (NO) Just as the GED in English cannot be taken online, the same applies to the GED online in Spanish. At this time, the GED can only be taken in person at a local testing facility. One can study for the GED online in Spanish and there are also numerous books written in Spanish that can help prepare a student to be ready for the GED. A student can request to have the GED test taken in Spanish and will need to contact a counselor at the local testing facility to determine a time for that particular test option.

Online GED Course: (YES & NO) If an individual is interested in taking a GED prepratory class online before engaging in the official GED, this can be done. A GED online testing course can have this meaning as one is taking a course online in preparation for the GED. If they are however, looking to complete an GED online testing course to receive an actual GED, this can't be done. There is no official GED online testing course that is accredited and meets the critera and parameters as the General Education Development.

Online GED At Home: (NO) The GED test can't be taken at home or on the computer. Although some search for an online GED at home, one can only complete the GED through intense preparation and by finishing the test in their area at a designated facility. You can study online for the GED at home but we additionally recommend to prepare with GED practice tests that can be completed by pencil. They can then be sent back to the organization to determine the measure of success. Since the GED will not be taken online or at home, this is the best preparation tactic to be ready for the GED test.